Gyanpro - Tinker At Home Group Curie

Wed, 10:30am - 11:15am (Jul 1, 2020)
Ages : 5 - 7 Years
No. of session : 5
By : GyanPro Educational Innovation
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To make these extended holidays more productive and memorable for the children, to help them learn something new, GyanPro brings to you an exciting Online Science Workshop – TINKER AT HOME!

Think Chemical reactions, have Fun with Colors, Create your fabric, learn how pressure can be so awesome, and many many more experiments at TINKER AT HOME workshop!


What will be covered

  • Session 1 : Kitchen Science - Let's Explore how chemistry play an important role in our kitchen; Session 2: Fun with Energy - Children are introduced to Energy and its types through fun filled activities; Session 3:Science of Colours - Colours are used in Science and Art. Colours can also communicate. Do you want to know how? let's Explore with our activities. Session 4 : Fun with Rainbow - How is rainbow formed? how many colours do they have? can we create rainbow at home? Let's Explore it!! Session 5: Science of Reactions - Children get to learn different types of reactions with the materials easily available at home.
Learning outcome

Children will find learning Science fun and easy to understand.Children will understand that Science is quite simple and that one can conduct Science experiments using simple materials readily available in their own homes.Improvement in children's logical thinking and reasoning abilities

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How to prepare

Attend the session on a laptop with functional internet connectivity.


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