Interactive And Activity Based Story Telling Sessions For Kids

Sat, 5:00pm - 6:00pm (Jul 4, 2020)
Ages : 3 - 6 Years
No. of session : 4
By : Krisha Ramchandani, B.Ed trained teacher with a Masters Degree in Human Resource
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About program

This class involves interactive storytelling sessions that will help the kid to improve their vocabulary, critical thinking, enhance creativity, be an efficient communicator, and a keen listener. 

What will be covered

  • Class 1: The Grumpy Man- the story teaches children to be happy in every situation of life. We cannot avoid problems but we can surely choose the way we deal with these problems. Happiness is a state of mind and should not be affected by the external factors. Class 2: Charlie-The friendly Elephant. The happy Charlie teaches children the age old proverb’ A Friend in need is a friend indeed. It teaches children to never judge anyone in terms of physical attributes. Class 3: Unity is strength- this story teaches children that no problem is big or cannot be solved if we unite together and face it. Teaches the age old saying- United we stand, Divided we fall. Class 4: We all our different- this story teaches the young minds to celebrate uniqueness and individuality. It emphasizes that we all are different and should not compare each other.
Learning outcome

Helps in improving vocabulary, how to frame grammatically correct sentences in English, building confidence and imaginative skills through various activities.

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How to prepare

Students should have an active internet connection and be present on time with their laptops

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