Baking and Cake Making

Learn the art of baking through healthy and delicious cake recipes
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Skills Impacted
Intrapersonal (self smart) Naturalist (nature smart)
Ages : 13 - 16 Years
No. of session : 12
By : Nivedita Daga, founder of HNT Kids.

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About the course

Baking is a fun and therapeutic activity that lightens up your day with joyful treats and delicacies. It is an activity that children are usually excited about as it takes minimal effort to bake delicious desserts. This program aims to create a platform for children to dive into the world of baking through simple and efficient cake recipes that do not require eggs or ovens. Children will be guided through healthy and delicious cake recipes taught by a baking chef, which they can easily execute right from the comfort of their home. They will be dazzled with exquisite results and will develop an interest in the art of baking.

What will be covered
  • Session 1: Vanilla Sponge

  • Session 2: Chocolate cake with ganache

  • Session 3: Coffee cake with caramel sauce

  • Session 4: Fruit Tart + millionaire bars

  • Session 5: Oats banana pancake

  • Session 6: Orange marmalade cake with chocolate sauce

  • Session 7: Swiss choco almond cake

  • Session 8: Pineapple upside down

  • Session 9:  Oat- whole-wheat blueberry muffins

  • Session 10: Vanilla and blueberry cake

  • Session 11: Strawberry chocolate marble cake

  • Session 12: Parsi Mawa cake

Learning outcome

Children will learn and practice an array of baking skills with each new recipe. By the end of the program children would have learnt to bake 12 new delicious cake recipes.

How to prepare

Basic materials required for Baking :

  • Spatula
  • Oil brush
  • Whisker
  • Aluminium Cake tin 6 inches 
  • Siever
  • Aluminium cooker
  • Ring
  • Mixing bowls
  • Butter Paper
  • Hand Beater
  • Oven preferably OTG
  • Parents to be present for kids' assistance.
  • This class experience is best using a laptop or desktop connected to Wifi.
Class Dates
Date : 23rd Sep Wednesday 4:00pm (IST)
Date : 25th Sep Friday 4:00pm (IST)
Date : 30th Sep Wednesday 4:00pm (IST)
Date : 02nd Oct Friday 4:00pm (IST)
Date : 07th Oct Wednesday 4:00pm (IST)
Date : 09th Oct Friday 4:00pm (IST)
Date : 14th Oct Wednesday 4:00pm (IST)
Date : 16th Oct Friday 4:00pm (IST)
Demo Dates
Demo : 23rd Sep Wednesday 4:00pm (IST)
Demo : 25th Sep Friday 4:00pm (IST)
Demo : 30th Sep Wednesday 4:00pm (IST)
Demo : 02nd Oct Friday 4:00pm (IST)
Demo : 07th Oct Wednesday 4:00pm (IST)
Demo : 09th Oct Friday 4:00pm (IST)
Demo : 14th Oct Wednesday 4:00pm (IST)
Demo : 16th Oct Friday 4:00pm (IST)




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