Be a Creative Thinker Level 2

Expand your creative thinking abilities.
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32 students enrolled
Skills Impacted
Linguistic (word smart) Spatial (picture smart)
Ages : 6 - 10 Years
No. of session : 16
By : Somapika Sarkar Hurray kids

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About the course

Creative thinking is imperative for children to develop a mind of their own. Children are often overflowing with unique thoughts and ideas, it is vital for us to provide them with the right tools and resources to help them channel their ideas productively. This program aims to enhance creative thinking skills in children through conversations, activities, games, story creations, and application of creativity to daily life practices. Children will be given personal attention, to learn and practice all the knowledge they acquire. They will be guided and encouraged to express their creativity like never before. 

What will be covered
  • What is Creative Thinking? Enhancing creative thinking through conversation.
  • Enhancing creative thinking through drawing activity.
  • Story Creation
  • Creative Problem Solving- Part 1
  • Creative Problem Solving- Part 2
  • Applying creativity in daily life.
  • Craft Out of Waste
  • Creative Pattern Drawing
  • Creative Uses of Objects
  • Dialogues for Comic Strips
  • Complete the Story
  • Complete the Drawing
  • Wild Imagination
  • My Dreams
  • Making Fun Puzzles and Mazes/Route
  • My Creation
Learning outcome

Children will learn to think independently and will acquire a set of new skills to channel their creativity into daily life practices.

How to prepare
  • Parents to be present for kids' assistance.
  • This class experience is best using a laptop or desktop connected to Wifi.
Demo Dates
Demo: 22nd Oct Thursday 5:00pm (IST)
Demo: 27th Oct Tuesday 5:00pm (IST)
Demo: 29th Oct Thursday 5:00pm (IST)
Demo: 03rd Nov Tuesday 5:00pm (IST)
Batch schedules
22nd Oct - 26th Nov
5:00pm - 5:45pm (IST)
11 Session(s)




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