Dainandika Prarthana Slokas

Take a step towards your inner journey
Skills Impacted
Intrapersonal (self smart)
Ages : 5 - 10 Years
No. of session : 8
By : Red Ribbon Pro

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About the course

Spiritual and religious practices are essential for our mind and soul. A healthy mind leads to a healthy life. It is crucial for children to indulge in such mindful exercises as it will instill a sense of self-discipline and diligence in them which will contribute to their holistic development. Sloka is a poetic form used in Sanskrit to convey religious and spiritual devotion to god in Hinduism. Dainandika Prarthana are Slokas which are recited to convey gratitude throughout the course of the day for all our blessings. This program brings to you a platform where children can learn to recite slokas and inculcate a spiritual practice in their lives to attain peace and contentment. 

What will be covered
  • Sloka to recite as soon as you’re awake
  • Sloka to recite before stepping on the floor
  • Sloka to recite before bathing
  • Deva Prarthana - Daily prayer to God for well-being
  • Ganesh Prayer
  • Guru Vandana
  • Prayers to Goddess Saraswati for good education
  • Pradakshina Sloka
  • Sloka to recite before a meal
  • Sloka to recite when we switch on the light when the sun sets 
  • Slokas to recite before going to bed to ensure sound sleep
  • Slokas to recite before going to bed while praying to God to forgive our wrongdoings during the day
Learning outcome

Children will learn 12 Slokas by the end of the course and will be able to recite them perfectly, provided they practice consistently.    

How to prepare
  • Parents to be present for kids' assistance.
  • This class experience is best using a laptop or desktop connected to Wifi.

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