Fitcamp - Movers

A comprehensive Fitness program to enhance the holistic development in children
Skills Impacted
Kinesthetic (body smart)
Ages : 3 - 4 Years
No. of session : 8
By : Little Spartans

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About the course

Physical fitness has widely been considered as the antidote to holistic development. It is crucial for children to take part in physical activities on a daily basis as it has an array of benefits; namely: it enhances cognitive and holistic development. This program is a well crafted physical fitness course that aims to enrich and strengthen gross motor skills in children. The program comprises an array of fun and engaging sports-based activities to help children develop an interest in physical fitness and will lead them towards a healthy lifestyle.

What will be covered
  • Fitness 

  • Calisthenics 

  • Movement-Based Activities 

  • Sports-Based Activities 

  • Games 

  • Gross-Motor Skills Development

Learning outcome

Children will learn to be more in control of their physical abilities namely: mobility posture, strength, power and endurance. This will further improve their physical, emotional and cognitive development.

How to prepare
  • Parents to be present for kids' assistance.
  • This class experience is best using a laptop or desktop connected to Wifi.

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