Handwriting Improvement

A comprehensive course on unique handwriting techniques to enhance the linguistic potential in children
4.9 (9 ratings)
145 students enrolled
Skills Impacted
Linguistic (word smart)
Ages : 6 - 10 Years
No. of session : 16
By : Jungle Book

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About the course

Writing is an essential aspect of a child’s academic growth. It is crucial for children to have a firm grip over their hand writing skills as it will enable them to express themselves efficiently in the form of written communication. This course aims to create a platform for kids to refine their handwriting skills. The course entails unique methodologies to help children improve their handwriting and become eloquent in written communication 

What will be covered
  • Day 1: Sample - Paragraph Writing (given by the trainer), Alphabet Writing & Introduction to Patterns

  • Day 2: Pen/Pencil Grip, Posture & Pattern writing

  • Day 3: “C” Series (6), Air Writing & Handwriting Games

  • Day 4: Revision, Sample – “C” Series & “L” Series

  • Day 5: Revision, Sample – “C”, “L” & “M” Series

  • Day 6: Revision, Sample – “C”, “L”,“M” Series & Completion of the Alphabets

  • Day 7: Revision & A-Z Writing

  • Day 8: Joining Letters - Ab, bc, cd, de, ef, fg, gh

  • Day 9: Joining Letters - hi, ij, jk, kl, lm, mn, no, op 

  • Day 10: Joining Letters - pq, qr, rs, st, tu, uv, vw, wx, xy, yz, za

  • Day 11: Joining letters, A-Z & Capital Letters

  • Day 12: Capital Letters & Revision

  • Day 13: Capital Letters & Revision

  • Day 14: Sentence Writing

  • Day 15: Paragraph Writing & Number Writing

  • Day 16: Practice, Revision & Final Sample writing
Learning outcome

Children will learn unique techniques to improve their handwriting which will enrich their written communication skills. 

How to prepare
  • Parents to be present for kids' assistance.
  • This class experience is best using a laptop or desktop connected to Wifi.
Demo Dates
Demo: 26th Oct Monday 6:00pm (IST)
Demo: 28th Oct Wednesday 6:00pm (IST)
Demo: 02nd Nov Monday 6:00pm (IST)
Demo: 04th Nov Wednesday 6:00pm (IST)
Batch schedules
29th Oct - 19th Dec
6:00pm - 6:45pm (IST)
16 Session(s)




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Soffiya Maggu


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Yamanappa H



Its very good class



The teacher was really good at conveying the method of each concept



The method of teaching and care was wonderful

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