Innovative Maths Level 1

Become a Math genius through this fun and engaging initiative
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125 students enrolled
Skills Impacted
Logical (reasoning smart)
Ages : 4 - 6 Years
No. of session : 20
By : Guddi Kumari, Jungle Book

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About the course

Mathematics is the science that deals with logic and reasoning. This program brings to you a comprehensive guide through the fundamental concepts of maths. It is essential to inculcate the basic concepts of maths in children, in their formative years as it will enhance their logical, analytical and critical thinking skills and will contribute to their holistic development. The program aims to impart knowledge through a fun and innovative manner where children will learn maths by solving worksheets, puzzles and games. Let your child become a maths genius through this fun and engaging initiative.

What will be covered
  • Class 1: Quantity Identification, Function Mapping, Quantity Correspondence, Direction Recognition

  • Class 2: Graphic Mapping, Number Sequence, Count and Write, Number Analysis, Space Mapping, Shadow Geometry

  • Class 3: Observation Skills, Quantity Matching, Graphic Identification, Basic Network, Ascending and Descending Numbers, Quantity Identification

  • Class 4: Thinking Skills, Pattern, Number Identification, Count and Write, Correspondent Counting, Perception of Space

  • Class 5: Quantity Identification, Lowest and Highest Value, Concept of Summation, Venn Diagram, Unilateral substitution, Function Mapping

  • Class 6: Equal Quantity Correspondence, Pictorial Sequence, Inference, Coordinate Derivation, Number and Quantity Recognition, Concept of Quantity

  • Class 7: Quantity Identification, Shape Sequencing, More and Less, Missing Number, Network, Concept of Subtraction

  • Class 8: Synthesis and Analysis, Function Correspondence, Thinking Skills, Comparison, Network Counting, Correspondence Counting

  • Class 9: Space Mapping, Extensity, Observation Skills, Characteristic Combination, Quantity Comparison, Number Identification

  • Class 10: Concept of Weight, Quantity Recognition, Coordination, Symmetry Identification, Unilateral Substitution, Number Bonds

  • Class 11: Addition using Number Line, Venn Diagram, Time Perception, Ascending and Descending Numbers, Function Mapping, 2 Dimension Counting

  • Class 12: Correspondent Counting, Space Mapping, Sequence, Direction Recognition, Fractions, Thinking Skills

  • Class 13: Permutation and Computation, Algebra, Correspondent Counting (Subtraction), Characteristic Combination, Thinking Skills, Inference Counting

  • Class 14: Function Mapping, Number Sequencing (50-100), Space Computation, Thinking Skills, Algebra, Space Mapping

  • Class 15: Calculation, Correspondent Counting, Coordination, Thinking Skills, Inference, Function
Learning outcome

Children will learn and understand the fundamental concepts of Maths. They will be able to perceive and associate maths as a real life tool. Children will be able to sharpen their preexisting knowledge about the subject. They will be encouraged to develop an interest toward the subject. 

How to prepare
  • Parents to be present for kids' assistance.
  • This class experience is best using a laptop or desktop connected to Wifi.  
Class Dates
Date : 23rd Sep Wednesday 5:00pm (IST)
Date : 24th Sep Thursday 11:00am (IST)
Date : 24th Sep Thursday 5:00pm (IST)
Date : 25th Sep Friday 11:00am (IST)
Date : 25th Sep Friday 5:00pm (IST)
Date : 28th Sep Monday 5:00pm (IST)
Date : 29th Sep Tuesday 5:00pm (IST)
Date : 30th Sep Wednesday 5:00pm (IST)
Date : 01st Oct Thursday 5:00pm (IST)
Date : 02nd Oct Friday 5:00pm (IST)
Date : 05th Oct Monday 5:00pm (IST)
Date : 06th Oct Tuesday 5:00pm (IST)
Date : 07th Oct Wednesday 5:00pm (IST)
Date : 08th Oct Thursday 5:00pm (IST)
Date : 09th Oct Friday 5:00pm (IST)
Date : 12th Oct Monday 5:00pm (IST)
Date : 13th Oct Tuesday 5:00pm (IST)
Date : 14th Oct Wednesday 5:00pm (IST)
Date : 15th Oct Thursday 5:00pm (IST)
Date : 16th Oct Friday 5:00pm (IST)
Date : 19th Oct Monday 5:00pm (IST)
Date : 20th Oct Tuesday 5:00pm (IST)
Date : 21st Oct Wednesday 5:00pm (IST)
Date : 22nd Oct Thursday 5:00pm (IST)
Date : 23rd Oct Friday 5:00pm (IST)
Date : 26th Oct Monday 5:00pm (IST)
Date : 27th Oct Tuesday 5:00pm (IST)
Date : 28th Oct Wednesday 5:00pm (IST)
Date : 29th Oct Thursday 5:00pm (IST)
Date : 30th Oct Friday 5:00pm (IST)
Date : 02nd Nov Monday 5:00pm (IST)
Date : 03rd Nov Tuesday 5:00pm (IST)
Date : 03rd Nov Tuesday 5:00pm (IST)
Demo Dates
Demo : 23rd Sep Wednesday 5:00pm (IST)
Demo : 24th Sep Thursday 11:00am (IST)
Demo : 24th Sep Thursday 5:00pm (IST)
Demo : 25th Sep Friday 11:00am (IST)
Demo : 25th Sep Friday 5:00pm (IST)
Demo : 28th Sep Monday 5:00pm (IST)
Demo : 29th Sep Tuesday 5:00pm (IST)
Demo : 30th Sep Wednesday 5:00pm (IST)
Demo : 01st Oct Thursday 5:00pm (IST)
Demo : 02nd Oct Friday 5:00pm (IST)
Demo : 05th Oct Monday 5:00pm (IST)
Demo : 06th Oct Tuesday 5:00pm (IST)
Demo : 07th Oct Wednesday 5:00pm (IST)
Demo : 08th Oct Thursday 5:00pm (IST)
Demo : 09th Oct Friday 5:00pm (IST)
Demo : 12th Oct Monday 5:00pm (IST)
Demo : 13th Oct Tuesday 5:00pm (IST)
Demo : 14th Oct Wednesday 5:00pm (IST)
Demo : 15th Oct Thursday 5:00pm (IST)
Demo : 16th Oct Friday 5:00pm (IST)
Demo : 19th Oct Monday 5:00pm (IST)
Demo : 20th Oct Tuesday 5:00pm (IST)
Demo : 21st Oct Wednesday 5:00pm (IST)
Demo : 22nd Oct Thursday 5:00pm (IST)
Demo : 23rd Oct Friday 5:00pm (IST)
Demo : 26th Oct Monday 5:00pm (IST)
Demo : 27th Oct Tuesday 5:00pm (IST)
Demo : 28th Oct Wednesday 5:00pm (IST)
Demo : 29th Oct Thursday 5:00pm (IST)
Demo : 30th Oct Friday 5:00pm (IST)
Demo : 02nd Nov Monday 5:00pm (IST)
Demo : 03rd Nov Tuesday 5:00pm (IST)
Demo : 03rd Nov Tuesday 5:00pm (IST)




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