Kathak - Beginner Level

Learn to become a graceful dancer
3 students enrolled
Skills Impacted
Kinesthetic (body smart)
Ages : 7 - 13 Years
No. of session : 12
By : Shilpy Sinha

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About the course

Kathak is one of the 8 major forms of Indian classical dance. This dance form comprises the art of storytelling. Through Kathak, children will be acquainted with an eminent traditional art form, which will enrich their cultural roots. Through this program, your child can learn the beautiful craft of storytelling through the form of dance and enrich their ability to express themselves artistically. Kathak will embed a sense of traditional and cultural values in children.

What will be covered
  •  Namaskar Teental: Namaskar Teental is the introductory component of every Kathak performance. 
  • Tatkar Ekgun: Tatkar is the fundamental footwork from which all other foot sounds and compositions are created. Tatkar Ekgun is one of the derivatives of Tatkar. 
  • Tatkar Dugun: Is another derivative of Tatkar, known as Tatkar Dugun. 
  • Tatkar Chaugun: Is another derivative of Tatkar, known as Tatkar Chaugun. 
  • Tihai Teental: Tihai is referred to the repetition of rhythmic pattern in classical music, identically three times with equal intervals.
  • Ginti Ki Tihai: Is a derivative of Tihai. 
  • Chakkar: Chakkar is derived from the practice of yoga, which is also largely incorporated into Indian classical dance forms. 
  • Toda: Toda is referred to, the groups of basic Kathak syllables that usually start on the sum (the first beat). 
Learning outcome

Children will learn to become graceful dancers by enhancing their body posture, foot movements, hand gestures, and facial expressions. This program will elevate their interest in classical dance forms and develop their interest to pursue it further. 

How to prepare
  • Parents to be present for kids' assistance.
  • This class experience is best using a laptop or desktop connected to Wifi.
  • Adequate Space is required for Dance Practice. 

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