Little Kids Great Artists - Level 2

Explore and discover the inner artist in you
5 students enrolled
Skills Impacted
Spatial (picture smart) Kinesthetic (body smart)
Ages : 8 - 12 Years
No. of session : 9
By : Nivedita Daga

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About the course

Art is a form of expression that awakens a child’s imagination and creativity to help them discover who they truly are. It creates a safe space for children to express their most authentic thoughts and ideas. This program brings to you a platform where your child can explore the world of art to express themselves artistically. The program comprises unique artistic styles by renowned artists like Pablo Picasso, MF Hussain and many more, from which children can learn and inculcate these artistic styles into the creation of their artwork. The program aims to create a space for children to understand and appreciate art and encourages them to explore and discover the inner artist in them. 

What will be covered

The program will comprise: 

  • Introduction to the program.

  • Structured paintings inspired by the artistic style of 2 artists. 

  • Unstructured paintings inspired by the artistic style of 2 artists.

Learning outcome

Children will learn and practise unique artistic styles, they will be able to inculcate this knowledge into their artwork. Children will be able to enhance their creativity and develop distinct artistic skills. They will be able to grow a profound appreciation towards art and unique artistic styles.  

How to prepare
  • Parents to be present for kids' assistance.
  • This class experience is best using a laptop or desktop connected to Wifi.

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