Mad Scientist for Kids

Explore the world of science through fun and exciting experiments
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51 students enrolled
Skills Impacted
Kinesthetic (body smart) Naturalist (nature smart)
Ages : 3 - 6 Years
No. of session : 10
By : Anmol Gupta, Aark Learnings

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About the course

Children are curious beings who love to explore and learn new things every day. Kids are more inclined towards learning and retaining information when they are taught in a fun and engaging manner. This program will comprise of exciting hands-on based tasks and innovative model making projects where children will be introduced to the expansive world of science. The program will comprise of unique activities based on topics such as pressure, energy, force, etc. Children will be utilizing household materials to make new creative models at the comfort of their own “HOME LAB.”

What will be covered

Class 1: Moving Man and Moving Bug – Study the science behind movement through paper modeling and designing.

Class 2: Hovercraft for kids – Explore how the force of air can produce an excellent friction-less model. 

Class 3: Spinning Disk for kids – Explore what happens when you generate force from the concept of Elasticity.

Class 4: Amazing Puzzle box – A fun gaming model that involves puzzles based on logical and motor skills.

Class 5: Spinning Balloon and Whistling Straw for kids – The air we breathe has a wide scope of utility, it has weight and force; let’s explore that through fun experiments.

Class 6: Slime making – The most satisfying and enjoyable activity for kids.

Class 7: Cup Centrifuge – You know why we tend to fall from a swing? Join us to find the reason.

Class 8: Newton Disk with Marble – Explore the concept of rainbow dispersion through playful activity. 

Class 9: Paper Skeleton, Acrobatic Skeleton, and Robotic arm – How many bones does a human body comprise of? How do we move our hands? Let's explore the human body through fun experiments. 

Class 10: Water Traveller – Water travels up, down, forward and backward; how does it travel through our body? Let’s find out through fun experiments. 

Learning outcome

Children will learn to utilize household goods to create new scientific models. This will help them to visualize scientific outcomes out of everything they see around them. Their reasoning skills will be enhanced leading them to reason out the root cause of scientific occurrences in their surroundings. This will further increase their interest in all the other aspects of science.

How to prepare

Students should be present on time with their laptops/smartphones and an active internet connection.




Course Rating



Shweta Kedia

Would have preferred a simpler instruction considering the age is from 3-6 years.


Hetal Mehta


Hetal Mehta


Hetal Mehta

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