Mind Mapping Techniques

Learn the art of mind mapping to attain academic excellence
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Skills Impacted
Linguistic (word smart) Logical (reasoning smart)
Ages : 9 - 14 Years
No. of session : 6
By : Ramasubramaniam V

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About the course

Education is widely considered to be a sufficient resource to enable children to embark on their journey to success. However, knowledge by itself can be impotent if children are not provided with the right guidance and tools to study and retain information. Smart Study Tools is a six-day program designed to teach children how to create and use tools such as mind maps and flashcards that will enhance their learning abilities, stimulate creativity and improve problem-solving skills.

What will be covered
  • Class 1: Introduction to Mind Map, Example of a B’ Day Party, Homework – Study Lesson on ‘Types of Rocks’ or similar topics: Introduction to mind maps, a mind map is a diagram used to visually organize information. The topic will be explained through the help of examples. The homework for the session: study a lesson on the given topic. 

  • Class 2: Basic Structure of Mind Maps, Class Exercise – Prepare Mind Map on ‘Type of Rocks’ or similar topics: Fundamental structures of a mind map. Followed by an exercise, to create a mind map on the given topic. 

  • Class 3: Preparing a Mind Map  - A Step by Step Approach, Class Exercise: Create Mind Map on a Travel Plan, Homework: Study the lesson on ‘Media’ or similar: Methods to create a mind map. Followed by an exercise, to create a mind map on the topic of travel plan. The homework for the session: study a lesson on the given topic. 

  • Class 4: Class Exercise – Prepare Mind Map on ‘Media’, Homework- Ideas for an Essay on ‘Water’ or similar topic in a Mind Map form: Create a mind map on the given topic- media. The homework for the session: curate ideas for essays using a mind map for the given topic. 

  • Class 5: Class Exercise - Review of essay on ‘Water’ or some other topic, What are Flashcards & their usefulness in learning, How to create Flashcards, Homework: Create your own Flashcards: An exercise on how to review an essay. Followed by an introduction to flashcards and how to create them, a flashcard is a card where information can be noted down in the form of pointers to aid in memorization and recollection of information. The homework for the session: create a flashcard on any topic of your choice. 

  • Day 6: Review of homework, Recap of key points of a Mind Map, Do’s & Don’ts, Recap of key points of Flashcards & Best Practices: A review of the flashcards created as homework from the previous class. Followed by a revision session with all the important key points of mind maps and flashcards. 

Learning outcome

Children will learn to inculcate new and effective study methods through tools like mind maps and flashcards. Children will learn to create and implement mind maps and flashcards in their study routine. They will learn different exercises of mind maps and flashcards to easily incorporate these techniques into their learning strategies. 

How to prepare
  • Parents to be present for kids' assistance.
  • This class experience is best using a laptop or desktop connected to Wifi.
Class Dates
Date : 24th Sep Thursday 4:00pm (IST)
Date : 24th Sep Thursday 5:30pm (IST)
Date : 28th Sep Monday 4:00pm (IST)
Date : 28th Sep Monday 5:30pm (IST)
Date : 01st Oct Thursday 4:00pm (IST)
Date : 05th Oct Monday 4:00pm (IST)
Date : 08th Oct Thursday 4:00pm (IST)
Date : 12th Oct Monday 4:00pm (IST)
Date : 15th Oct Thursday 4:00pm (IST)
Demo Dates
Demo : 23rd Sep Wednesday 5:30pm (IST)
Demo : 26th Sep Saturday 5:30pm (IST)




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