Unbox English: Grammar

A comprehensive English language program to enhance the linguistic potential in children
23 students enrolled
Skills Impacted
Linguistic (word smart)
Ages : 10 - 14 Years
No. of session : 12
By : Mindgroves

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About the course

Language is a critical component of communication. Language plays a vital role in shaping and forming the foundational structure of acquiring knowledge. It is very crucial for children to have a strong foundation in language as it enhances their overall academic development. Through this program, children will be able to sharpen and strengthen their linguistic skills pertinent to the English language in order to enrich their comprehension, articulation and vocabulary. The program aims to create a fun-loving learning space for children to refine their communication skills and to become fluent in the language of English.

What will be covered
  • Parts of Speech

  • Prepositions

  • Conjunctions

  • Punctuations

  • Adjectives

  • Adverbs

  • Degrees of Comparison

  • Tenses

  • Active-Passive Voice

  • Direct-Indirect Speech

  • Subject-Verb Agreement

Learning outcome

Children will enhance their ability to listen, read, write and speak English effectively. They will learn to expressive themselves through spoken and written English fluently by articulation and comprehension with the right usage of grammar.

How to prepare
  • Parents to be present for kids' assistance.
  • This class experience is best using a laptop or desktop connected to Wifi.

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