Creative Writing: Writers Treasure

A comprehensive creative writing course for children to explore their creativity and enhance their linguistic potential
Skills Impacted
Linguistic (word smart)
Ages : 10 - 12 Years
No. of session : 20
By : Sonali Jain

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About the course

Expression is the fundamental aspect of communication. To enable children to express themselves, it is very important for us to provide them with the right tools. Creative writing is one of such tools, that allows a child to express themselves, in the most authentic manner. Creative writing will conquer four areas all of which will aim to strengthen a child’s writing ability. It provides children with situations outside their normal classroom learning, inviting them to stretch their imagination and express their thoughts through writing, thus enabling them to enjoy and be creative in writing.

What will be covered
  • Class 1 - Different ways to begin your essay.
  • Class 2 - Brainstorming using your five senses.
  • Class 3 - Creative Introductions
  • Class 4 - Development of a Plot
  • Class 5 - Including details in your essay.
  • Class 6 - Main ideas and supporting ideas
  • Class 7 - Dialogues and writing paragraphs
  • Class 8 - Paragraphing
  • Class 9 - Building suspense and climax
  • Class 10 - Description
  • Class 11 - Making your essay more interesting.
  • Class 12 - Figurative Language
  • Class 13 - Situational Writing
  • Class 14 - Picture Description
  • Class 15 - Picture Description
  • Class 16 - Picture Description
  • Class 17 - Continuous Writing
  • Class 18 - Vocabulary Builder
  • Class 19 - Story Line
  • Class 20 - Writers Party
Learning outcome

Children will be able to ideate and articulate creative thoughts. Their  comprehension will be enhanced. By they end of the program they will be squinted with different types of writing styles namely: descriptive, narrative, expository and imaginative compositions. This program will sharpen and strengthen their vocabulary which will improve their language and communication skills. 

How to prepare
  • Parents to be present for kids' assistance.
  • This class experience is best using a laptop or desktop connected to Wifi.
Demo Dates
Demo: 23rd Oct Friday 5:00pm (IST)
Batch schedules
28th Oct - 01st Jan
5:00pm - 6:00pm (IST)

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