Chess Intermediate (Hindi)

Master the art of playing chess
7 students enrolled
Skills Impacted
Logical (reasoning smart) Spatial (picture smart)
Ages : 8 - 12 Years
No. of session : 12
By : Dharmendra Shrivastava

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About the course

Chess is a two player strategic board game, that requires a set of skillful techniques to master the art of the game. The primary objective of chess is to acquire the king of the opponent while keeping your own (king) well guarded. This program is specifically designed for young minds to nurture their skills and improve their thinking ability. This program will not only help children to compete in professional level tournaments but will also enable them to concentrate more in their academic lives and improve their grades. This program will be conducted through the language of Hindi medium.  

What will be covered

Session 1-6: 3 moves checkmate: Refers to the technique in the game of chess, where 3 moves are utilized to checkmate; Introduction of different openings: Chess openings are classified into 6 types, namely - Open games, closed games, semi-open games, Indian defenses, semi-closed games, and flank openings.

Session 7-12: Solving theme-based tactical problems like double attack, pinning, interference, x-ray attacks.

Session 13:18: Basics of Endgames: End game refers to the final stage of the game where only a few pieces are left on the board.

Session 19-24: Different opening traps and blunders: A detailed view of different openings in the game.

Learning outcome

By the end of this course students will be acquainted with the different types of openings played in tournaments. They will be able to solve intermediate level tactical problems and will also be able to understand the importance of endgames and the techniques used in it.

How to prepare

Students should be present on time with their laptops/smartphones and an active internet connection.

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