Communication Skills - The Language Of Leadership

Become an empowering leader
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Skills Impacted
Linguistic (word smart) Interpersonal (people smart)
Ages : 10 - 12 Years
No. of session : 10
By : Jungle Book

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About the course

Good leaders play an important role in our society. Leaders possess the skill to guide and empower their peers. It is very important to instill leadership skills into young children, during their formative years, it will help to shape and form their ability to be great leaders one day. Through this program, children will be able to grasp the main attributes and qualities that make a great leader. In this program, children will be taught moral concepts such as integrity, creative independent thinking, courage, self-belief, self -confidence and responsibility. Through this program, children will be encouraged and inspired to become empathic and empowering leaders. 

What will be covered

Class 1: 

  • Introduction: A brief introduction to leadership.

  • Complete sentences/story: An activity - complete incomplete sentences and stories using imagination and creativity. 

Class 2:

  • Tongue twisters: Recitation of tongue twisters to enhance pronunciation, fluency, speech, and memory.

  • Story building: An activity - To build a story using imagination and creativity. 

Class 3: 

  • Prefix/Suffix: An activity to build Vocabulary. 

  • Articulation: Exercises to articulate thoughts in a coherent manner. 

Class 4:

  • Drama games: Theatre lessons in the form of games. 

Class 5: 

  • Whole class improvisation: Improv exercises to enhance critical and creative thinking skills by delivering dialogues and actions on spot. 

Class 6: 

  • Voice modulation: Exercises to control and adjust voice, with accordance to different scenarios.  

  • Posture: To maintain a good posture, enhances the ability to present oneself well. 

Class 7: 

  • Extempore: Exercises to enhance creative and communication skills. 

Class 8: 

  • Vocabulary building: Exercises to build vocabulary, communication and writing skills. 

Class 9: 

  • Writing a speech: Techniques and rules of writing a speech.  

Class 10: 

  • Breathing techniques: Various breathing techniques and their benefits to leading a healthy life.

  • Individual needs of students addressed: Students will be given special attention, where their needs will be heard and delivered. 

Learning outcome

Children will be able to apply learned concepts to their day to day activities. Their Communication skills will be enhanced leading them to speak clearly and confidently, public speaking skills will be improved and their vocabulary will be strengthened.  

How to prepare
  • Parents to be present for kids' assistance.
  • This class experience is best using a laptop or desktop connected to Wifi.
Class Dates
Date : 26th Sep Saturday 5:30pm (IST)
Date : 03rd Oct Saturday 5:30pm (IST)
Date : 10th Oct Saturday 5:30pm (IST)
Date : 17th Oct Saturday 5:30pm (IST)
Date : 24th Oct Saturday 5:30pm (IST)
Date : 31st Oct Saturday 5:30pm (IST)
Date : 07th Nov Saturday 5:30pm (IST)
Date : 14th Nov Saturday 5:30pm (IST)
Date : 21st Nov Saturday 5:30pm (IST)
Date : 28th Nov Saturday 5:30pm (IST)
Demo Dates
Demo : 26th Sep Saturday 5:30pm (IST)
Demo : 03rd Oct Saturday 5:30pm (IST)
Demo : 10th Oct Saturday 5:30pm (IST)
Demo : 17th Oct Saturday 5:30pm (IST)
Demo : 24th Oct Saturday 5:30pm (IST)
Demo : 31st Oct Saturday 5:30pm (IST)
Demo : 07th Nov Saturday 5:30pm (IST)
Demo : 14th Nov Saturday 5:30pm (IST)
Demo : 21st Nov Saturday 5:30pm (IST)
Demo : 28th Nov Saturday 5:30pm (IST)




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